AI Brain: MidJourney

Intricately ornated aethereal surrealism, strange slimline silhouette, elegant moebius strip fabrics, in the style of children's manga, dynamic composition, minimalist yet hyper-detailed, ominous m...
An imaginative, otherworldly scene featuring an array of colorful, exotic alien cocktails, illustrated in a vibrant, neon-infused art style. The composition should showcase a variety of uniquely sh...
Old England traditional roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, a micro photo
An appetizing close-up of a traditional Old England roast beef and Yorkshire pudding meal, captured in a high-resolution micro photograph that highlights the textures and flavors of the dish. The c...
a man that is jumping in the air
An energetic, dynamic scene of a man captured mid-air as he jumps, illustrated in a vibrant, pop-art style. The man should appear exuberant and joyful, with limbs outstretched and a lively expressi...
WPA-style painted hills Oregon
A stunning WPA-style painting of the Painted Hills in Oregon, showcasing the vibrant, multicolored layers of the geological formation. The artwork should embody the bold, graphic designs of the 193...
a young boy is running through the woods chasing a dream
A serene, sunlit forest inhabited by gentle magical creatures, painted in the style of the Studio Ghibli film, "My Neighbor Totoro." The creatures should be fantastical and whimsical, interacting w...
a portrait of Samuel Jackson from pulp fiction, he is facing the camera, a church pulpit and platform in the background, comic book style
I believe in second chances
portrait shot of Clark Kent wearing glasses, he is looking into the camera, he has a goatee and mustache, background a brightly lit backdrop of sunny kitchen windows, in comic book style
Cute kitten with big eyes sticker style, bright rainbow colors
vortex vectors, golden orb in the center:: realism fantacy colorful, dramatic
Reference Image vortex vectors, golden orb in the center:: realism fantasy colorful, dramatic ::

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