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AI Game Avatar Design Workflow - WIP
Prompt: selfie image, headshot, Avatar of artic Wilderness Explorer, rugged strong man, Graphic Novel Style illustration Midjourney SDXL SDXL + Midjourney ControlNet – LineArt Prompt: selfie image, headshot,...
MidJourney Prompts: In the style of a children's illustrated book
This simple prompt sheet shows the art generation from MidJourney – Version 5.1. The theme is Children’s Illustrated Book. In my prompt surfing journeys, I will encounter prompt fragments that have a wonderful impact on the image. You can ex...
patchwork collage portrait of a beautiful woman
20 simple and creative MidJourney prompts
This simple prompt sheet shows the art generation from MidJourney – Version 5.1. This prompt: patchwork collage portrait of a beautiful woman. You change the subject (woman) or the adjective (beautiful) or add an adjective like old or youn...
Generating an image from a simple sketch and a text prompt
This post combines prompt pages that explore the art workflow of generating images with a little control. This AI image generation process uses the Midjouney AI feature of taking an image + text prompt to generate an image. An initial reference...
MidJourney and Stable Diffusion Art Workflow
Img2Img – Inpainting – Canvas Expansion MidJourney Generated Image Set Prompt: sunrise scene photorealistic concept art, Moebius style, intricate details, octane rendering –v 4 –upbeta Selection An image...

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