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controlnet uncanny
Stable Diffusion ControlNet Guide
What is ControlNet? ControlNet is a neural network model designed to control Stable Diffusion models. It allows users to copy compositions or human poses from a reference image, providing a way to control the subjects’ placement and appea...
MidJourney Prompts: In the style of a children's illustrated book
This simple prompt sheet shows the art generation from MidJourney – Version 5.1. The theme is Children’s Illustrated Book. In my prompt surfing journeys, I will encounter prompt fragments that have a wonderful impact on the image. You can ex...
patchwork collage portrait of a beautiful woman
20 simple and creative MidJourney prompts
This simple prompt sheet shows the art generation from MidJourney – Version 5.1. This prompt: patchwork collage portrait of a beautiful woman. You change the subject (woman) or the adjective (beautiful) or add an adjective like old or youn...
stable diffusion of a cybernetic woman
Discover Stable Diffusion: The Future of Text-to-Image Models
Unveiled in 2022, Stable Diffusion is a groundbreaking text-to-image model that harnesses the power of deep learning. Developed by the renowned CompVis group at LMU Munich, this model is primarily designed to generate intricate images based on tex...
Generating an image from a simple sketch and a text prompt
This post combines prompt pages that explore the art workflow of generating images with a little control. This AI image generation process uses the Midjouney AI feature of taking an image + text prompt to generate an image. An initial reference...
MidJourney and Stable Diffusion Art Workflow
Img2Img – Inpainting – Canvas Expansion MidJourney Generated Image Set Prompt: sunrise scene photorealistic concept art, Moebius style, intricate details, octane rendering –v 4 –upbeta Selection An image...
Pepperdata - Hadoop and Liquidbook Website
Pepperdata has recently launched a brand new website, thanks to LiquidBook’s help. Their Hadoop optimization software can monitor and manage all aspects of system performance in real time. A customized WordPress solution was designed and dev...
The Pearl Magazine
LiquidBook and Deluxe Creative Co. have just launched a new website for The Pearl, the official magazine of the Pearl District Business Association. The Pearl magazine is a great companion site for the ...
Adding an icon to WordPress widget title
This CodePen shows how to add Font Awesome icons to WordPress widget titles by using jQuery. This script can be easily added to a WordPress theme or a WordPress plugin. By default, WordPress widget header titles have whatever class the developer a...
Installing a second WordPress instance in a subfolder
I recently worked on a project where the client wanted to add a second WordPress instance (install) within a subfolder of the main site. The main WordPress site is a WordPress directory website. The new second site is a magazine with a different i...

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