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a man that is jumping in the air

Prompt: An energetic, dynamic scene of a man captured mid-air as he jumps, illustrated in a vibrant, pop-art style. The man should appear exuberant and joyful, with limbs outstretched and a lively expression on his face. The background should feature bold, contrasting patterns or colors that enhance the sense of movement and excitement. The lighting should be bright and even, highlighting the subject and emphasizing the bold colors. The color palette should consist of vivid primary colors, with a strong focus on contrast and visual impact. Use a high-speed camera with a standard lens to freeze the moment of the jump, creating a captivating composition that conveys a sense of joy and freedom.
AI System: MidJourney
Width: 2048
Height: 2048
Parameters: --v 5 --upbeta
a man jumping in the art - 4up

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