alien cocktails

Prompt: An imaginative, otherworldly scene featuring an array of colorful, exotic alien cocktails, illustrated in a vibrant, neon-infused art style. The composition should showcase a variety of uniquely shaped glasses and containers, filled with glowing, swirling liquids and adorned with fantastical garnishes like luminescent fruits or crystalline structures. The lighting should be dim and atmospheric, with the radiant cocktails casting a mesmerizing glow across the scene. The color palette should consist of vivid, neon shades, such as electric blues, deep purples, and bright greens, with contrasting pops of oranges and yellows. Use a full-frame camera with a wide aperture to capture the dazzling array of alien cocktails, creating a visually arresting composition that transports the viewer to a far-off, intergalactic bar.
AI System: MidJourney
Width: 4096
Height: 4096
Parameters: --v 5 --upbeta
Alien Cocktails

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