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ChromaV5 side portrait of an Asian woman on a mothership – 40 Steps

Prompt: ChromaV5 side portrait of an Asian woman on a mothership, scifi armor, beautiful face, dreamy, long white hair, blue cyborg eyes, 4k, rule of thirds, extreme detail, detailed drawing, trending artstation,
AI System: Stable Diffusion
Width: 768
Height: 768
CFG Scale: 7
Sampler: Euler a
Steps: 40
Seed: 1696859442
Model: ChromaV5-2.0
Trigger: ChromaV5

The portrait was a thing of beauty, a true work of art. It depicted an Asian woman standing on a massive mothership, her body clad in sleek sci-fi armor. Her beautiful face was framed by long white hair, and her blue cyborg eyes shone with intelligence and determination. The 4k resolution and extreme attention to detail added to the dreamy, otherworldly quality of the image.

As the woman gazed out at the viewer, it was clear that she was no ordinary being. There was something almost otherworldly about her, as if she were a goddess descended from the heavens. And as the viewer took in the portrait, they couldn’t help but be drawn in by her beauty and the sense of mystery that surrounded her. It was a work of art that would be forever etched in their memory, a true masterpiece.

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