Futuristic Cityscape – MidJourney – 2024

Prompt: A futuristic cityscape, bustling with flying cars and automated mobile shopping and delivery services. The scene is set in a modern cyberpunk style, characterized by dramatic and darker tones. The city is illuminated by neon lights, casting a glow on the sleek, high-tech buildings. one neon sign has the text "2024". Skyscrapers stretch into the sky, adorned with holographic billboards. The sky is filled with flying cars, zipping between buildings. On the streets below, automated robots and drones are seen delivering goods. The color palette is desaturated, emphasizing grays, blacks, and muted neon colors, creating an atmosphere of a high-tech, yet gritty urban environment.
AI System: MidJourney
Width: 1456
Height: 816

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