I believe in second chances.

Prompt: portrait shot of Clark Kent wearing glasses, he is looking into the camera, he has a goatee and mustache, background a brightly lit backdrop of sunny kitchen windows, in comic book style
AI System: MidJourney
Width: 1664
Height: 2432
Seed: 3346465653
Parameters: -ar 2:3 --upbeta --v 4

Voice-to-Face AI-generated video is a new power tool used to bring to life a static image and transform it into an animated video. I used D-ID.com and an image from MidJourney. The quote used is “I Believe In Second Chances, I Believe In Redemption, But, Mostly, I Believe In My Friends.” from Justice League Unlimited, Season 1, Episode 11, “Wake The Dead.” The presenter’s voice model was Steffan.

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