looking at deep space full of stars

Prompt: looking at deep space full of stars
AI System: MidJourney
Width: 1024
Height: 1024
Seed: 1065221832
Parameters: --v 4 -- --upbeta

With the old adage “Sometimes less is more. ” This simple prompt produces a great result. The “looking at” phrase adds a person to look at the subject “deep space full of stars.” Their back is to the camera. The subject of “deep space full of stars” has a terrestrial landscape below to bring the parts of the composition together.

4up - looking at deep space full of stars
4up – looking at deep space full of stars
Image + Prompt
Image + Prompt
Image + Prompt 4up
Image + Prompt 4up

Prompt Terms:

looking at deep space full of stars

Prompt Details: looking at (perspective | location | framing) deep space (subject | location) full of stars (composition | details)

Prompt Alternate

Prompt: night sky, full of stars, small and distant

night sky, full of stars, small and distant

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