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Victorian-era basset hound detective

Prompt: A basset hound detective wearing a Victorian-era detective outfit outfit, complete with a deerstalker hat and a tiny, tailored trench coat. The basset hound has long, droopy ears, a wrinkled forehead, and soulful, intelligent eyes that exude a sense of curiosity and wisdom. He stands on a cobblestone street in Victorian London, with gas lamps casting a warm, dim light. The background features a foggy, mysterious atmosphere, with silhouettes of old buildings and narrow alleyways. The basset hound is holding a magnifying glass in his paw, sniffing the ground as if he's hot on a trail. The scene captures the essence of a classic detective story with a mix of realism and whimsy, emphasizing the dog's keen sense of smell and detective prowess.
Negative Prompt: bad quality, poor quality, doll, disfigured, jpg, toy, bad anatomy, missing limbs, missing fingers, 3d, cgi
AI System: Dall-E

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